Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Well hello there.

I think it's about time I introduced myself to you all.

My name is Abbie and I hope to create a entertaining blog for you all.
My aim, as well as providing useful features and information for you, Is to brighten your day and try and make you laugh. (or at least make you blow a little more air out off your nose- as you do when you're 'dying of laughter' on the interwebs.)

And if you all care, here's a few random facts about me for you to feast your eyes on.

1. I am naturally blonde, this faces problems such as being asked 'what type of hair dye do you use omg' and when doing something slightly silly (as we all do) having fingers pointed at your hair colour.

2. I currently inhabit the South of England and I do like to be beside the seaside. And, living were I do, I can 100% confirm that everyone owns corgi's, drinks tea and walks around with top hats and monocles on. Science.

3. I love the fluffy/scaly/slimy things known commonly as animals. I really do, If I had my way I would own millions of critters. Alas, I haven't got the room, the funds or the resources. However, I do have a cat and she fulfills my animal addiction quite well.

4. Following on from the last fact, my ambition in life is to become a fully qualified Veterinary Surgeon. I am determined to work for this and hopefully I will be able to document my journey!

5. I am an extremely busy person. When I am not doing coursework I am either A) doing homework B) playing netball or C) sleeping. My social life has to weave in between this.

Just kidding, I have no social life.

Nice to meet you, same time next week?