Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Panic!At The Disco cover Bohemian Rhapsody

I'm aware I haven't been the most active blogger recently but countless amounts of revision means I barely even have time to eat my dinner.

However, I stumbled across this and thought that I must share it. I'm not sure quite how many Panic! fans are following this space of the internet but I just think this needs to be seen by more people and, as an avid fan myself, I thought I would share it just that little bit further.

Even If you are not a fan, I recommend a listen. Brendon Urie's vocals are easily appreciated.

I promise I will have a lot more content coming your way soon.


P.s Ed Sheeran at the 02

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hello November

Well hello November, haven't you crept up on us fast. It seems like only yesterday it was the first of October! This year, you brings some very exciting (and some very scary) things towards me. The first being tomorrow, my birthday! Later on you present me with two weeks of mock exams and, most likely, two weeks of stress.

As the month begins, my new bedroom is nearly complete. The furniture has been built (minus one missing door for my wardrobe), the carpet has been laid and the wallpaper has been hung. All that is left to buy is my favorite part, all the little knick knacks and accessories.

Although summer really is glorious, I am looking forward to your nipping frost and cold winds. They give me an excuse to shut out the world and snuggle up in my duvet. Something that I wish I had the chance to do much more often!

I feel that you often bring families closer together, November, there is nothing sweeter than curling up on the sofa and watching a Sunday film with your family except, maybe, the gingerbread lattes you grace us with.

As I look out my window today, it seems quite deceiving that you have started your month with sunshine and a pleasant breeze, I'm sure the rain will make up for that at a later date.


What are you looking forward to in November?