Monday, 30 June 2014

Veterinary stepping stones #1

Over the course of the next two weeks, I will be attending work experience at a small animal practice in my local area. Today was my first day, and it was most definitely memorable.

On arrival, I was given a brief tour and health and safety talk. I was told that I would be a quiet day, with no major operations taking place later on. I was just about to be set on task, when a man burst through the door with a dog in his arms. The dog had been hit by a car- and needed urgent treatment.

Everyone got to work straight away, although hectic, they worked in unison together and sooner or later the dog was stable. As soon as the drama had started, it had calmed down just as quick. The day went on as normal, I sat in on consultations, helped with general cleaning duties and minor surgeries. Some of the more memorable patients were: a dog who had rolled onto a wasp and was experiencing trouble walking, a beautiful cat that needed dental work (and took a while to come round!) and a little pug who sniffed at you anytime you went near him.

Later on in the day, the vet I was shadowing had the task of putting down an old dog whose quality of life due to old age was extremely poor. euthanasia is obviously never easy to watch and I had to sit this one out, although it was a learning curve for me, my heart goes out to the poor owners. R.I.P little one.

All in all, It was an eventful day but extremely interesting. As the day went on I was given more responsibility's and I look forward to what tomorrow will bring.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Grand Designs

As you may have noticed, Thoughtsandthunder has undergone major changes recently. When I first started blogging, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Sure, I've done programming and likewise in school but creating a small space on the internet that looked pretty, grabbed people's attention and also worked as an escapism for me and my ideas all at the same time was never really on the agenda.

Until recently, I wasn't aware of the great resources available to me and the great community out there. Anyway, I propose a mid-year promise- I have lots of exciting things coming up this year and I've only just dipped my little toe into the pool of blogging. I'm not going to say that I am going to dive bomb into the deep end just yet but I am going to keep on churning out content. I'm gaining more and more experience as time goes on and it can only get better from here, right?

So thanks to those who have joined me on this little blogging journey so far, and here's to great things to come. Please bear with me for the meantime, as I work on making this little space even better.

A somewhat optimistic,

Friday, 20 June 2014

The cycle of blogging

...Or as I like to call it- the reason my posts are few and far between.
eh, eh. See what I did there ;)

Stage 1- inspiration:
'oh myyy godddd, I have this GREAT idea that everyone's going to love!' The spark of inspiration that leads to the scribbling of ideas on a scrap of paper, the one that you just had to find before the original idea leaves almost as quickly as it came to you.

Stage two- determination:
'Right, this is going to be my best blog post yet. What? I said that about the last one? I lied.' The tapping of the keys on your keyboard, so fast that steam is appearing from your hands as you type. This is going to be brilliant.

Stage three-realisation:
'Wait...Maybe this idea isn't as good as I originally thought...' Your hands on the keyboard slowly start to slow down, until you are sat there blankly looking at your computer screen. This stage can last anything from 5 minutes to an hour until...

Stage four-dissapointment:
'This idea is definitely not worth pursuing, I'll just wait until a better idea comes along...'

And repeat from stage 1.

Stage four is what I'm trying to combat at this moment in time, English has always been my strong point so I often judge a blog post as If i'm judging an essay. I don't want the standard to slip, and I won't start talking lyk dis... But I wan't my content to be quality. At the moment I'm trying to get the balance right.

Can you relate to the cycle of blogging? Or have you found ways to keep yourself determined? Let me know!


Monday, 2 June 2014

500 days of a great soundtrack

500 days of summer is officially my new favorite movie. Not only because it aches with creativity, heart break, inspiration, sadness and triumph- all at once. But because it's soundtrack can only be summed up in one way- bloody brilliant.

I'm not normally one to appreciate a movie's soundtrack either and don't get me wrong, the songs are great but alongside the movie they take on a whole new meaning. Take the smiths//There is a light that never goes out and Mumm-ra//She's got you high. I cannot even begin to express my new found love for this movie.

If you don't do anything else, watch this movie, and fall in love with it.

Bye for now, i'm going to make popcorn and watch it on repeat for the third time. 


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Countryside in bloom

The great thing about having friends that own a farm is the random breaks to the countryside you can have. Although it is not in the middle of nowhere (quite close to Glastonbury, If you stand on a hill that is part of their land you can actually see the Glastonbury Tor) it's nice to just get away for a few days.

My family and I stayed in a cottage just next door to my friends house, they are in the process of renovating it and turning it into a holiday cottage, so we were the first official guests!

Although I didn't take many pictures of what we actually got up to, I did take an awful lot of pictures of the flowers that were dotted around their land.

They're all so pretty!

And of course, I took some photos of their lovely farm dog, Jess.
Ever get the feeling that you're being watched ;)

Quit taking photos of flowers and play with me!

All in all, It was a lovely countryside retreat- even if it was only brief!