Sunday, 1 June 2014

Countryside in bloom

The great thing about having friends that own a farm is the random breaks to the countryside you can have. Although it is not in the middle of nowhere (quite close to Glastonbury, If you stand on a hill that is part of their land you can actually see the Glastonbury Tor) it's nice to just get away for a few days.

My family and I stayed in a cottage just next door to my friends house, they are in the process of renovating it and turning it into a holiday cottage, so we were the first official guests!

Although I didn't take many pictures of what we actually got up to, I did take an awful lot of pictures of the flowers that were dotted around their land.

They're all so pretty!

And of course, I took some photos of their lovely farm dog, Jess.
Ever get the feeling that you're being watched ;)

Quit taking photos of flowers and play with me!

All in all, It was a lovely countryside retreat- even if it was only brief!