About me

Hi, welcome to my little space on the internet.

My name is Abbie, I created this blog early December of 2013 and subsequently managed to completely miss its first birthday.

Currently I am in the midst of juggling exams, sport, my social life, revision, hobbies and sleep without neglecting any aspects of my life and keeping my long term goal- to be a vet- in mind.

Alas, it's proving to be quite tiring.

So I want to use this space as a creative escape. Somewhere I can come to document my life and talk about all the important issues in the world (kinda.)

Do not hesitate to drop me an email, write me a love letter, poem, comment or just engage with this blog in anyway possible, I absolutely love talking to the people that make the blogging community possible. (That's you!)

So, please feel free to join me on the long road to veterinary medicine- I am definitely going to need LOTS of support. And together we can watch this blog -hopefully- grow into something great!