Friday, 24 July 2015

A pessimists view on life

People often wonder why I have such a negative view on life, why do I always expect the worse- regardless of the fact I am often proved otherwise?

Pessimism is often viewed as a bad way to look at the world and while it is true that people that are constantly positive do bring joy to others, I often find that for the most part it takes me more energy to look 'on the bright side of life.'

Yes, this does get annoying; however, I feel pessimism does have its perks that people tend to overlook.

Finding joy in the simple things

For the most part, everything positive that happens to me lifts my spirits and so I feel I am able to find the beauty in the smaller things. You see, I automatically expect everything to go wrong and everyone I encounter to be miserable. So when I am- quite often- proven wrong, I quickly feel as though my day has been made.

'Wow, my bus was on time today AND the driver was so kind! Can life get any better?!'

over planning

Another aspect of my personality is that I always think too far into things, if I am to go somewhere for the first time- even if it should be a great experience- I am always thinking about what could go wrong. Because of this, I make sure I am prepared for everything and although this limits the spontaneous of life sometimes, it definitely becomes useful!

What are your views on optimism vs pessimism?