Friday, 24 July 2015

A pessimists view on life

People often wonder why I have such a negative view on life, why do I always expect the worse- regardless of the fact I am often proved otherwise?

Pessimism is often viewed as a bad way to look at the world and while it is true that people that are constantly positive do bring joy to others, I often find that for the most part it takes me more energy to look 'on the bright side of life.'

Yes, this does get annoying; however, I feel pessimism does have its perks that people tend to overlook.

Finding joy in the simple things

For the most part, everything positive that happens to me lifts my spirits and so I feel I am able to find the beauty in the smaller things. You see, I automatically expect everything to go wrong and everyone I encounter to be miserable. So when I am- quite often- proven wrong, I quickly feel as though my day has been made.

'Wow, my bus was on time today AND the driver was so kind! Can life get any better?!'

over planning

Another aspect of my personality is that I always think too far into things, if I am to go somewhere for the first time- even if it should be a great experience- I am always thinking about what could go wrong. Because of this, I make sure I am prepared for everything and although this limits the spontaneous of life sometimes, it definitely becomes useful!

What are your views on optimism vs pessimism?


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Do Judge a book by it's cover

It's the age old saying: 'Don't judge a book by it's cover!'

Many of us have tried to keep to this phrase but inevitably- failed. And why? Because it is human nature to judge (books and people) and although I would love to live in an idealistic world where everyone just gets by without judgement; that is never going to happen.

Heck, I bet you even judged the title of this blog post!

Often, part of my process for deciding if I want to buy a book is thinking about how good it will look on my shelf in my room. Obviously, this isn't the most important factor when buying books but it definitely runs through my head.

There is just something about the aesthetics of a book cover, that even if you take ages to get around to actually reading it, you can look at it and smile because It looks so damn good!

This, ultimately, is why ugly book covers are such a turn off. I don't look at that book cover and get excited to read it. In fact, I feel sorry for the story- that it has been wrapped in such a gross cover.

You can only imagine then, why, I picked up two new books yesterday...

Not only do I want to read them, they have such beautiful covers AND match the style of a book I already have at home. Plus, they were incredibly cheap (HomeSense, I love you.)

Ultimate goal: to have all the classics in this style.

It's a win-win.

What about you? Do you find yourself only buying pretty books or, do you completely suppress this urge and follow, 'don't judge a book buy it's cover' to a T?


Monday, 2 February 2015

Welcoming February

January has confirmed to me that I am in 100% denial mode towards my exams. With every passing day I am hit with the realisation that I hardly have any time left of school and with every passing day I shove that exact thought into a box in the back of my mind. This needs to stop in February.

There has been a lot of hype around the prospect of snow recently, it seems almost everywhere has been hit by it except here. I would love to wake up one morning to a crisp, white blanket of snow.

This month I have been investing in a few statement pieces for my wardrobe. I am focusing on staple pieces that can be worn in multiple ways in different seasons, the best purchase of January? Some DC Marten style shoes, 15 pounds in the Topshop sale-sale.

This month I am:

Taking part in Blogilates 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge.
Starting to revise for my final exams.
Going to save up money for an eventual big shopping trip.

What do you hope to do this month?


Monday, 26 January 2015

Capturing the moment#1

I have been wanting a DSLR for around 4 Christmas' now. And on the 25th December last year(!) this dream came true.

As I get to grips with such a great gadget, I thought I would document my progress by showcasing my most recent photos once and a while. I was originally planning on doing this once a month but obviously the amount of photos I take will vary from month to month, so I didn't think this was consistent enough.

Here are a few of my faveourite shots since receiving my camera:

This was the first ever picture taken, a simple bokeh of my Christmas tree. It gives me such a warm feeling.

One crisp morning in December, I was playing around with what I could capture outside. We have an old shed in our garden that is falling over and provides a home for many a creature. I like the fine lines of the cobweb and the reflections caught in the web and around it.

Again with reflections, I love how each bubble has the reflection of another within it. I shot this just after drawing myself a bath with a Mango bath melt from Lush.

I absolutely love these three pictures for all different reasons. I feel they portray lots of emotions and have really captured Saffron's personality. I am especially proud of the one were she is looking directly into the camera. Although not so cute, It was timed just right!

Who doesn't love a cat paw?

What have you photographed this month?


Friday, 9 January 2015

Expensive Trainers- Are they worth it?

With the new year just beginning, many people are vowing to start exercising and go on a health kick. Some may have toyed with the idea of buying themselves a new pair of shiny new, expensive trainers but turned it down due to exactly that- the expense.

And It's the question that SO many people ask. Because, let's be honest, you don't understand the benefits and downfalls until you have experienced all different brands of trainers- within all different price ranges.

 I have been playing netball for around six years and have had all trainers imaginable but it's safe to say I would pay that little extra for quality ANY DAY.  However, I really do not think this is necessary if you are just starting running etc for the first time. It is much better to work your way up and find what is best for you according to how much you run, where you run etc.

But even still, If you are considering buying expensive, branded trainers (such as Asics) I thought I would tell you a bit about my personal experience with such trainers.

Pictured above is a comparison between my last pair of Asics and my current ones I received for Christmas, As you can see they were TRULY loved and thus battered. Over a period of around 6 months they went from pristine to falling apart. However, they were being used AT LEAST 5 times a week so obviously, depending on your fitness routine, your trainers will wear at a rate parallel to that.

Following that, here is the difference in grip. Believe it or not, my old trainers once had such grip. I knew it was time for a change when I could feel the gravel on the courts and was slipping around all over the place!

On thing I particularly love about these trainers (and what many high end trainers have in common) is the gel layer in the sole. This extra layer makes these trainers extremely comfortable to wear and obviously this is a huge factor to consider when buying something you will be using lots. Great trainers will take you great places.

Lots of places sell high end brands such as Asics and I can't stress enough over the fact that you DO NOT need to buy them directly from the brands website/ store. You can often get a much better deal if you look else where- gym shops, ebay, high street shops etc.

So, it turns out I can talk an awful lot about trainers. And I didn't even go into the excitement I felt unwrapping these.

What is your opinion on expensive trainers?


You can find my particular trainers here.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Alexa Chung- It

I was lent this book on the premise that I read it I would fall in love with her. And I did.

If I am completely honest, I had heard of Alexa Chung in the past, for a start she's all over Tumblr- but I'd never really idolised her in any way or thought of her as a particular fashion icon. Until I read this book.

This girl finds fashion inspiration everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. Each page or so introduces a different one of her fashion icons, usually paired with an interesting and unique story. Put this along side her quips of wisdom and great photography and you have got a truly awe-inspiring book.

Pictured above are some of my faveourite photo bits and bobs.

I particularly liked how down to earth she appears, starting modelling at the age of 16 is no easy feat. That, and the fact she has dated the likes of Alex Turner and many other lead singers, if anyone- she has the right to brag. But no, she just delivers a great book with countless fashion advice and good humour.

The one downfall of this book is that it wasn't long enough! It only took me around 1 and a half hours to finish and I would have loved to read on. Of course, there is only so much that can be written without it becoming tiresome but Alexa Chung definitely quit while she was ahead- I would have loved another 200ish pages. However, this book is great for those short train journeys or just to dip into now and then to feel inspired.

Overall, this book is a must have for all fashion and beauty lovers. I am ever so sad to have to return it to it's rightful owner but will no doubt be purchasing a copy for myself.

Alexa Chung- can I be you please?

Have you read this? What did you think?


p.s I would love to do some in depth book reviews this year, what do you think?