Monday, 26 January 2015

Capturing the moment#1

I have been wanting a DSLR for around 4 Christmas' now. And on the 25th December last year(!) this dream came true.

As I get to grips with such a great gadget, I thought I would document my progress by showcasing my most recent photos once and a while. I was originally planning on doing this once a month but obviously the amount of photos I take will vary from month to month, so I didn't think this was consistent enough.

Here are a few of my faveourite shots since receiving my camera:

This was the first ever picture taken, a simple bokeh of my Christmas tree. It gives me such a warm feeling.

One crisp morning in December, I was playing around with what I could capture outside. We have an old shed in our garden that is falling over and provides a home for many a creature. I like the fine lines of the cobweb and the reflections caught in the web and around it.

Again with reflections, I love how each bubble has the reflection of another within it. I shot this just after drawing myself a bath with a Mango bath melt from Lush.

I absolutely love these three pictures for all different reasons. I feel they portray lots of emotions and have really captured Saffron's personality. I am especially proud of the one were she is looking directly into the camera. Although not so cute, It was timed just right!

Who doesn't love a cat paw?

What have you photographed this month?


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