Friday, 20 June 2014

The cycle of blogging

...Or as I like to call it- the reason my posts are few and far between.
eh, eh. See what I did there ;)

Stage 1- inspiration:
'oh myyy godddd, I have this GREAT idea that everyone's going to love!' The spark of inspiration that leads to the scribbling of ideas on a scrap of paper, the one that you just had to find before the original idea leaves almost as quickly as it came to you.

Stage two- determination:
'Right, this is going to be my best blog post yet. What? I said that about the last one? I lied.' The tapping of the keys on your keyboard, so fast that steam is appearing from your hands as you type. This is going to be brilliant.

Stage three-realisation:
'Wait...Maybe this idea isn't as good as I originally thought...' Your hands on the keyboard slowly start to slow down, until you are sat there blankly looking at your computer screen. This stage can last anything from 5 minutes to an hour until...

Stage four-dissapointment:
'This idea is definitely not worth pursuing, I'll just wait until a better idea comes along...'

And repeat from stage 1.

Stage four is what I'm trying to combat at this moment in time, English has always been my strong point so I often judge a blog post as If i'm judging an essay. I don't want the standard to slip, and I won't start talking lyk dis... But I wan't my content to be quality. At the moment I'm trying to get the balance right.

Can you relate to the cycle of blogging? Or have you found ways to keep yourself determined? Let me know!