Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday rambling #1

Today, we wondered down to a local market to buy this years hanging baskets. I am one of those people who loves strolling around these places, there are so many hidden treasures to find! It's places like these that my magpie-like tendencies come out.

A somber moment of our day was coming across a house clearance stall, it is obvious that whoever used to own all the lovely antiques had passed and that someone had been left to deal with all his/her belongings. Among the array of china and teddies, we came across an old wedding photo. It seemed sad that someone had put a price onto a memory; I was tempted to buy it just to keep the memory alive.

On another note, Eurovision was last night.I actually watched all of it for once and-as usual- the selection of craziness was on form. 

This is such a cute idea, future husband take note!! ;)

The weather has been so weird lately, no word of a lie as I am typing this there is a double rainbow outside my window. So i'll leave you with this.