Saturday, 1 March 2014

This week in figures

Back before when Sugar magazine was only online, I used to love the little section on the front page known as; 'This issue in figures.' Maybe it appealed to my inner mathematician (yeah, right.) Or maybe I just thought it was a great way to sum things up. Anyhow, I have decided to start a weekly feature on my blog, based on this idea, looking back at my past week. It's a great way to reflect and really sit down and prepare yourself for whatever is to come in the next week!

The last week of February was as followed:

1- TV show that reduced me to tears. A scene in a new documentary called something along the lines of first time paramedics. They were called out to an old man, who retold the story of when his wife died, he was so shocked  by her death that a blood vessel popped in his brain- resulting in him loosing part of his sight. Despite this, and the fact that he had been bitten by a spider, had fallen over and had experienced three strokes, he was only looking for a friend and someone to talk to. Needless to say, I had a bit of a sob.

3- Netball games that my team have won in the past week, Woohoo!!

9-Pieces of work received, plus revision. I'm in for a wild weekend!

1- Adorable drawing of myself from my beautiful 4 year old cousin, aww.

2+ hours spent laughing at the comedian Russel Howard, I had been looking forward to going on his tour since last summer!

I think I suit pink hair ;)

What has your week looked like?