Friday, 25 April 2014

Letter to my 25yr old self...

As you are reading this, I hope you currently reside somewhere you love. I hope that your confidence has grown and that you fully appreciate what life has to offer you, for better or for worst. I hope that you are well on your way to becoming a vet and if not, I trust that something has altered your course for the better. I hope that you can finally be comfortable with how you look and that you have learnt that you're not all that bad. 

I hope that you have managed to finally grow out your hair and I pray that you have not altered it too much, I've all ready learnt that natural is best for me. I hope that you wear the clothes that you've always dreamed of (or at least looked at them through a shop window.) I hope that you've continued to play netball and are aware of how far you've come- even if you're not satisfied with your performance.

And who knows, maybe you've met someone. Maybe they make you want to sing from the roof tops and skip through meadows; but don't forget your family. They love you just as much.

All in all, I hope that you have grown as a person, and are the person which I've always wanted to be.

(past) Abbie