Sunday, 21 September 2014

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem// Poet Feature

Those who know me, will know that I am an absolute sucker for all things literature. In particular- poems. I've written a far few poems myself however I doubt that I will be sharing them anytime soon. Keep in your mind my love when I tell you that BY FAR my favorite poet is Erin Hanson, of

Whenever I see a quote, poem or something similar that inspires me, I always save it. For a while I've been building up a HUGE collection of literature that I can refer back to on days where I just need something to take comfort in. Poetry always wins in this case. I was scrolling through this collection one day when I noticed that most of my all time favorite poems had the initials '~e.h' on the end of them. This sparked curiosity within me and I'm pretty sure I simply googled 'e.h poems.'

I could not have been more pleased with what I discovered, the mysterious 'e.h' had a blog! As soon as I discovered Erin's blog, I fell even more in love with her writing. She constantly updates it and her poems never fail to mesmerize me. What I love most is the way in which she uses continuous metaphors throughout her work and her use of personification is simply perfect.

What's more, she connects with her audience so much. She passionately replies to messages and comments as If she were talking to a close friend and It just creates so much more of a community. Moreover, You can actually pay (a tiny sum may I add) to receive a handwritten letter, equipped with a unique poem. This is such a lovely idea and I know If I were to receive one, It would mean a awful lot, the fact that the poet has gone out of their way to provide such a thing is a truly sweet gesture.

Erin has also recently released a book, which just tops it all off for me. The idea that I can have a collection of her poems sat in my bookshelf or the book open on my desk, fills me with joy. It will definitely be on my birthday list!

If you haven't already, I HIGHLY recommend you have a wonder through thepoeticunderground and fall in love with Erin's poetry. She continues to be a huge inspiration of mine and I wish her massive success for the future.