Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A catch up

I wondered If I should do a 'Hello December' but, considering I've only posted one thing since 'Hello November,' I figured I'd just have a chat with you instead. I should really stop starting my blog posts with apologies...

November turned out to whiz by a LOT quicker than I imagined it would, with the coldness slowly creeping in and the daylight hours quickly shrinking. It's certainly much colder in the mornings but, with not owning a single decent coat, I find myself having to grin and bear the frost nipping me on the nose slapping me in the face.

My mock results turned out to be much greater than my expectations. Which is good, considering I had already set them high enough. I've got another set mid-January though, followed by my final exams. so my revision doesn't stop just yet.

A few of you may remember this tiny post, about how my room was slowly being transformed. Well, nearly a year later, It's complete! (minus one wardrobe door but we won't talk about that)

As both the days and nights are becoming colder, Saffron has started to damn right refuse to venture outside. And while I appreciate all the extra cuddles, she is a slight hindrance when It comes to wrapping gifts. Here's a cute picture of her after one of her ribbon wrestling sessions.