Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Holiday Baking

Today I joined forces with my incredibly excitable 6 year old cousin, to bake up a storm before Christmas.
First on the agenda, were these incredibly easy sugar cookies, made with Mary Berry's simple vanilla dough recipe. We did end up decorating these but I forgot to snap a picture before Molly took them home for Father Christmas.

And what does every baking session need? Why Frozen inspired cakes obviously, duh.
(and teeny hands to model them too)

These were incredibly easy too, considering they were just a packet mix. Little packets like this are great for getting the younger ones involved. Although, her favorite part of it all was allocating a sugar stamp to each cake!

Finally, a traditional Yule log- complete with figurines.

Have you been baking this holiday season? In the future, would you like to see recipes?