Sunday, 16 February 2014

Animal appreciation post

The world we live in has such a variety of animals, I feel that the coolest of creatures often get left behind in popularity. Here are just a few of my favorite species and some information on what makes them special.

1.The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis Callidryas)
Some people may squeal and run to the trees at the sight of frogs. But I, for one, find them pretty awesome. The Red-eyed Tree Frog is most defiantly my favorite, but other frogs can do pretty weird things too. The Grey Tree frog can survive, even if it's heart stops! Glass frogs are pretty much transparent (Google it, I dare you ;))

2.Arctic Fox (Vulpes Lagopus)
You've got to admit, these things are pretty adorable. Not only that, but throughout the seasons their fur changes colour! To suit the changing environment, in the summer, their coat turns a greyish-brown colour. And, in the winter, their coat's become a well known white.

3. Glasswinged Butterfly (Greta Oto)
These butterfly's are pretty incredible. I feel that they sum up everything that a butterfly should be, dainty and beautiful. I was lucky enough to see these close up at the butterfly house in London zoo (If you are contemplating whether or not to immerse yourself in the heat of that room, I cannot stress how much you should go in, It's only small but so so worth it.) And these were by far my favorite butterfly's in there.

4. Jersey Cow

Although it seems an odd choice, I personally am a sucker for cows! Their little faces hold so much personality and they're useful too! I particularly like the Jersey cow and often see them grazing around when I travel up north. Call me crazy, but I love a nice cow ;)

5. Green  Sea Turtle (Chelonia Mydas)

I've chosen to feature Green Sea Turtles for two reasons. 1) They can only be described as gentle giants. They glide through the water, regardless of their size and weight. And, 2) I am lucky enough in that I am going to swim with wild Green Sea Turtles later on this year! I am so excited and will most defiantly document it. On another now how awesome are these!

What's your favorite species of animal?