Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Decide your future...Or else!!

As a teenager, you are constantly bombarded with the looming idea of 'the future.' You' re force-fed to believe that if you don't know what you are going to do with your life at the age of twelve you are going to go nowhere and completely mess up any career aspects.

Now i'm not saying that you shouldn't work hard. In about a year, I will have to take my final exams and wave goodbye to the comfort of the school I've known for almost four years. Then it's on to further education and ultimately *drum roll* vet school. And, i'm not going to lie, I've worked my socks off to achieve what I have and it has paid off.

Fortunately, I've known what I have wanted to do since I was around five! Ever since my mouth could form the word 'vet'- I knew it was what I could see myself doing in the future. BUT, its not like that for everyone.

All I want to say is, don't fret if you haven't got a plan for your future. Focus on what you enjoy, if you spend your time sweating over the future, you won't enjoy the present. Cliche I know, but bear with me...
More than anyone, I know the immense pressure teenagers are under to achieve well, I feel your pain! But you will get through school, no matter if you have no clue what you would like to do with your life! Keep going and do what you love, it could be that you have a eureka moment and realize what you have been doing as a hobby this whole time, is really your dream job!

Don't let them get to you,