Sunday, 2 February 2014


As an enjoyer (yes that is now a word) of all things arty, crafty and pretty, I relish in quotes, knick-knacks and tutorials that give me inspiration.

However, on the dull days when nothing is inspiring, I try to inspire and motivate myself.

And, as a result of this, my aim this year is to find inspiration everywhere, even if it does not jump out at me- in the little glances of passer-by's, in the paws of puppy's, in the trees in the park.

If something catches your eye, take a picture of it mentally- or literally- to relate back to when you are lacking inspiration; you never know when you when you might need it. You don't even want to see my camera roll, unless I scroll through every picture, explaining why I have a random picture of a tree or a lake or my hand or whatever on it, it makes no sense to anyone whatsoever.

But it's a treasure trove of inspiration to me.