Friday, 14 February 2014

If you feel good, you look good. Er..what?

Usually the other way around right? Well I personally believe it works two ways.

This morning, for what reason I don't know, I woke up feeling amazing. I had a great night sleep and was ready to seize the day! (maybe because i'm on holiday now, I don't know?)

Anyway, I felt so confident that my usual make-up routine seemed pointless to me. I all ready felt amazing, why did I need make up to boost this? The answer- I didn't.

So it got me thinking, if I felt this good everyday, would putting on make-up for confidence really be needed? I think this could be applied to everyone.

It take a lot to be comfortable in your own skin, I especially know this. After having self esteem issues in the past, I think i'm finally coming out of the other side. There was a year of my life that is completely lost in the abyss, due to the fact that I utterly refused to have my photo taken, my self confidence in what i looked like was so low.

Here are just a few things that gradually improved my confidence:
1. immersing myself in the company of friends, generally laughing more and having a good time. If your friends pick at your flaws, they're not really friends at all.

2.Shrugging it off. This applies to confidence in general, and I'm not going to lie, this took me ages to master. saying 'so what if they judge me' or when randomly embarrassed, 'i'm  never going to see them again, they can think what they like.' Just in general caring less about what others think of you.
I feel this DR. Seuss quote sums this point up pretty well.

3. Thinking of the positive, this links in with my 'good news post'. On the worst possible days, become an optimist. Look at the good things in life. If they are not obvious at first glance, search for them.

4. Pampering. This can be taken in many ways, I just like to think of it as 'me time'. Blast some music and dance while doing something like tidying, light some candles and relax in the bath, or travel and appreciate view points, sunsets etc. Learn to love yourself again.

Picking self esteem up off the floor is hard, but utterly worth it in the long run. You are capable.

Happy valentines day!