Thursday, 6 February 2014

The good news

There's too many negative, sad and down right boring things all over media lately. And, I don't know about you, but I've had enough. 

So, I've decided to take it into my own hands to spread a little positivity in this small space of the web. Inspired By Tom Fletcher's, good news video- here are 5 positive articles, sayings, feelings and thingymebobs:

1. You are great! You really are, no matter how many photo-shopped beauties you see on the cover of magazines. When In doubt, think to yourself; if I was to bump into this random model on the street, would I recognize her? The answer is most probably, no. The model in the magazine can't even recognize the model in the magazine, not when the Photoshop wizards get involved.
2.Hot chocolate, may I say anymore. On a cold winters day when it feels as if the world is resting on your shoulders, you can go home, unwind and sip chocolaty goodness. Unless you don't like hot chocolate which in that case 1) you are missing out and 2)just skip to reason 3.

3.Baby animals, even if you don't like the fully grown things- you've got to admit the young 'uns are adorable. In the UK, more than 16 million lambs are born each year alone. If the thought of a lamb, frolicking through a field, isn't a good thing- I don't know what is!

4. Everyday, thousands of people perform acts of kindness. From a stranger holding the door open for you, (even if you have to do that awkward jog to get to the door so they're not waiting forever) to a brain surgeon performing life saving surgery. We focus so much on the bad things, we forget how memorizing our world can be.

5. Lastly, books. You can never have enough, can you? I most certainty can't. And, being able to dive into the escape that is a book- you cannot beat it. Call me old fashioned, but I can't see myself 'cuddling up with a Kindle' On top of that, the smell of new books- need I say more? Apparently, that scent's a candle  now too- if that floats your boat.

So there you have it, five (totally random) things to be happy about. And, there are thousands- I could go on forever! The best part about this all, when reading around for ideas I stumbled across this. An online newspaper, dedicated only to spreading positive news. That's pretty damn awesome, don't ya think.

What about you, do you think there's too much negativity in the media? Or, do you have your own ideas of what we should be happy about, or even an inspiring story to share, let me know! Maybe this will become a thing I go back to occasionally.

Stay happy,