Saturday, 5 July 2014


Long gone are the days were having tattoos meant that you were a skinhead sailor with 'Mom' tattooed across your bicep in an anchor. Nowadays, tattoos have taken a much more creative, feminine turn-and I love it.

I've pretty much always known that I wanted a tattoo, and I have a variety of ideas floating around in my head. I love viewing people's tattoos, they're like a tiny snippet it into someones life and, being the nosy person I am, this makes them even more exciting.

Some say that tattoos are unpleasant because they will be with you for life. But for me, that's what makes them even more awesome! Maybe you will regret that tattoo you got on a whim at 18 OR maybe, that same tattoo will take on a completely different meaning and remind you of times gone by. Whatever it is, there is something so captivating and mysterious about tattoos, something that will never stop my admiration of this fine art.

This post was somewhat inspired by Tattoologist, an absolutely amazing tattoo blog that kept me scrolling for hours.