Friday, 11 July 2014

Veterinary stepping stones #10

Today marks the last day of this placement and the last day of my work experience. Both practices have helped me learn things, both related to veterinary and not, in completely different ways; so I really think that I chose the right places to work. I've met some great people that no doubt I will keep in mind throughout my studying and further. Today was much more like my last placement than the other days as It was incredibly busy. We had around 6 or 7 cats one after another and after a while I was quite relieved to see a dog!

One memorable case was a cat that came in with an extra 'toe' on each paw! They were not causing her any pain and apparently she actually uses them to help her climb up trees! They were nothing more than a genetic defect but I couldn't help but be intrigued, they looked so out of place!

The day went by in such a blur that I've actually forgotten most of what happened, I was told to leave my details so that if they had any interesting cases or ops they could let me know so I could observe! Overall, I am very pleased with how these two weeks have gone. I was asked by a client today if seeing everything that goes on behind closed doors has put me of going into veterinary medicine. When, if anything, it has made me even more certain that I have chosen to do the right thing and even more inpatient to get going!

My veterinary journey is in no way stopping as my work experience does, it's only just begun really.