Saturday, 5 July 2014

Veterinary stepping stones #5

Today was my final day at my first placement, I'm sad to go because I was really beginning to feel a sense of belonging in that place. The people there were absolutely lovely (even if they were no-nonsense) and they were willing to answer any questions I had. Granted, there was an awful lot of cleaning. But there was also an awful lot of fascinating stuff such as minor and major operations, x-rays, heart scans, pregnancy scans and scopes. It really was a great experience- I just hope my next placement can either match it or beat it!

Today was rather slow but there was still a few things going on:
  • The car accident dog came back in again, I'm pretty sure I've seen him everyday this week. He really is a lovely dog, so it's such a shame what he's been through. His legs are now absolutely fine but one of his eyes has filled up with blood so he was referred to a specialist. He's certainly a case that I will not forget.
  • An adorable dog with an extremely fluffy coat proved to be the biggest wimp going! He squealed at everything and anything, even when the vets were only applying cold water to his leg.
  • The stray cat that was admitted yesterday calmed down a lot. The vets have continued with treatment and are still looking for the rightful owner.
  • One client brought 3 massive dogs into the consulting room, an extremely dribbly Great Dane, a very excitable German Shepard and a very worrisome Labrador-cross. Needles to say, they left a trail of noise, dribble and shed loads of hair wherever they went.
Overall, I've really enjoyed this placement and It has been a huge learning curve, onto the next one!