Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Veterinary stepping stones #7

Today was incredibly inspiring for me, I was able to really get a grasp as to what it's actually like treating the animals, instead of just observing the vet's routine. While that is still interesting, nothing beats learning and then applying what you know. As this practice is a lot quieter, the staff have a lot more time to teach me and speak to me about what i'm observing. Obviously this is great and I feel like I can talk to them a lot more but a quieter practice has its downfalls. With my last placement their were no gaps in the day, you barely had time to take a breath, let alone have a chat. I personally feel that I am suited to this fast pace style of working, I thrive when there's added pressure and knowing that everyone is working just as hard as you really helps. It's also nicer at the end of it when everyone can finally relax after a job well done, but I guess  I missed the personal side. I think it's all about getting a happy medium and as much as I love discussing all things veterinary, It's nice to have a bustling waiting room.

Anyway, today in the quiet hours, one of the vets took it upon herself to teach me the basics of a clinical exam, it was nice to be actually handling an animal- even if it was one of the nurse's pets! I love to do anything that gets me involved. I think they have been surprised at my willingness to volunteer to do the 'dirty work' as such, but I would much rather be cleaning poo and sweeping floors than stood twiddling my  thumbs.

I also was asked to go into the lab, and I watched blood being spun and then placed into the machines that work out different cell counts, levels of glucose, levels of potassium etc. I have also found that in this placement I am quizzed an awful lot more than my last, I guess that with the teaching the questions are just second nature. To summarise: This placement- mentally draining, last placement: physically draining.

And I cannot conclude without mentioning this ADORABLE puppy, she was a cross between a Jack Russell and a Chihuahua and I don't think I've ever seen a smaller dog. She looked a lot like the pup pictured above! Later on in the day, another puppy was brought in- a blonde German Shepard. She was unbelievably chilled and incredibly fluffy!

I should stop gushing over puppies now...