Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Veterinary Stepping stones #8// The cat swap

Today a client came through the door announcing that 'she'd actually brought the right cat this time!' The staff all laughed and began to tell me the story of how that funny statement came to be. This woman had recently bought a puppy and, as a result of this, their cats started to leave home for much longer periods of time. Last week, she had called for this cat and a extremely similar black cat responded to her call. In a brief moment of madness she picked up this cat and tried to put it in the carrier, thinking (of course) that it was her own. She questioned why this cat struggled so much, as her cat was usually perfectly fine with being put in a carrier. Nevertheless, she went on her way to the vets anyway.

When she put the carrier on the table she suddenly had a thought, thinking about it, she wasn't really sure if this was actually her cat. The vet laughed when the cat was brought out but decided to scan for a microchip- just in case. Funnily enough, it wasn't in fact hers, just a random cat that lived in the area, she'd never seen it before now! Mortified, she left the vets, with the vets laughter echoing behind her. Apparently, that's the first time that had ever happened and it's safe to say it tickled the vet quite a bit.

Did I mention the fact that this woman in the vets was actually my Godmother? No? Must've slipped my mind...

So after that incredibly humorous consultation, the day began as normal. I viewed my first cat spay and it was incredibly impressive to watch, the tiny kitten was adorable and constantly wanted a love. A dog came in for a groom under anesthetic, as he freaked out if the groomers tried to do it. But, apart from that, the day was pretty chilled.